What is a sippy cup?

A sippy cup is a transitioning cup for toddlers, when they are way too grown up for a bottle, yet way too little for a ‘big cup’. A spill proof cup, providing no end of relief for mums, your little one can be left to drink and find their own independence, while providing a bit of fun and entertainment for you both. Fitted with a sippy top to drink from, often referred to as a spout, and can also come with handles for your little one to grip easily.
Sippy cups come in all shapes and sizes, from the reliable to the simple novelty item which more often than not has a very short life span and ends up quickly in the trash. Not only are these novelty sippy cup often low quality, they can contain chemicals that can be harmful to your child. I’m sure by now you have heard of the chemical BPA which is in many plastic baby bottles and sippy cups sold in Australia.
The Kiddie Concepts adaptable kiddie bottle aims to take the regular old sippy cup to the next level. Made from stainless steel and providing three sippy cup alternatives to grow with your child. The sippy bottle can be fitted with a teat and handles and used as a stainless steel baby bottle, swap with a sippy top for toddlers and a sports lid for the older child.
So when asking What is a sippy cup try asking yourself ‘what is the BEST sippy cup’ and I guarantee you, kiddie concepts stainless steel sippy cup wins over plastic every time.
Stainless steel does not retain flavors, odours or colours like plastic sippy cups do, they are built to last a lifetime unlike plastic sippy cups, they are an eco friendly alternative, they protect the contents from light, are dishwasher safe and of course our stainless steel sippy cup is BPA free. The benefits of using a stainless steel sippy bottle are numerous, we know when you try it you will agree.