Welcome to Alida our Kiddie Concepts Foodie Blogger

I love cooking. I especially love making healthy, simple and creative food to share with family and friends. I am excited to team up with Alida, a wonderful cook and mother of three who will be Kiddie Concepts special Foodie Blogger.

Alida will share regular Blog recipes and exciting creations.

About Alida

Food and cooking is such an important part of me – it is one of my greatest passions. Just start up a conversation with me regarding food, recipes or a certain ingredient and I will chat for hours.

Cooking makes me content. It’s my outlet. It’s what I do when I’m feeling happy, sad, stressed or even fulfilled. I do it to enhance my day. I need my daily fix. My husband thinks I’m insane when I offer to make the kids hot custard from scratch after they’ve had a healthy home cooked gourmet dinner. For me it’s not a task, it’s one of the ways I show my family how much I love them.

For me there’s nothing better than seeing others enjoy something that I made, and that I created for them.

The most important thing is that anyone can do this. Anyone can fulfil their creative streak and share something special by cooking & baking and pouring love and passion into making something special for those we love. Filled with healthy goodness of course!

My house is always fully equipped. Anyone can come over anytime, day or night and I am more than happy to whip up a meal or a snack.
Healthy food. Easy food (well I think it is). Food made with love and cooked with passion. That’s what I do.

Have fun and enjoy your kitchen as much as I enjoy mine.