The most popular Sippy Cup in our range is the Sippy Cup with Green handles

When we launched our Sippy cups we did so with three different coloured Sippy cup handles. The handle colours are pink, blue and green. Our most popular Sippy cup is the Sippy cup with green handles. Some of the reasons that customers give us for loving the green handles are:

1. The green handles are a perfect match to the colour of our Avent brand sippy top on our Sippy cup

2. The green handles are a great green eco friendly colour and reinforce the sustainability of the Kiddie Concepts Sippy cup range

3. The green is a great, gender neutral colour

4. Kids love them

As our Adaptable Kiddie Bottles are a 3-in-1 stainless steel bottle they can be fitted with a nipple teat for newborns, a sippy top for toddlers and a sports lid for older children. Replacement handles can also be fitted – if you need to replace the handles or if you simply want to get a different colour you can always purchase replacement handles through the Kiddie Concepts online store