The Kiddie Concepts Stainless Steel Sippy Cup transitions with your child’s stages of development….

The Adaptable Kiddie Bottle – a 3-in-1 stainless steel bottle can be fitted with a nipple teat for newborns, a sippy top for toddlers and a sports lid for older children. The adaptable lid means less waste for the environment and less spending for parents.

Our Sippy cupis designed specifically for young children, with large, easy-to-grip handles and a lightweight yet durable body. The perfect Sippy cup!

The bottle’s nipple teats and sippy top components are compatible with those sold by leading brands in pharmacies and supermarkets – so they can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.

When purchased as a sippy cup it is already fitted with a leak proof green Avent brand sippy top – It does not leak!

Children love to use our sippy cup…and parents love the fact it is easy to clean with its wide neck. It is dishwasher safe but the logo may fade over time so we do recommend hand washing.