New Year Eco Resolution

It is now 2012! I have reflected on the year that has been and have made some Eco resolutions to further reduce my carbon footprint and create a greener, healthier Eco lifestyle for my family.

1. Compost pile -this year we will get a compost pile working in our backyard. We have thought about doing it in the past but we will in 2012.

2. Extending our veggie patch so that we can provide more veggies and fruit for our family. We love our veggie garden that we have already.  My daughter loves picking fresh
tomatoes each day  – I  would totally recommend having a veggie patch! Best of all it is all organic and you can save some $ as well.

3. I will also commit to walking somewhere that I would have normally driven to, even if it is only once a week

4. Introducing another Kiddie Concepts product to ensure a safer, healthier choice for our kids